I want to ensure that all elements of my sculpture accurately reflect the period that H.G. Wells lived in Woking. The photos that I collected of Wells provide me with ideas and detail on the clothes that he wore which I can reflect in the sculpture, but very few include his feet. So I needed to investigate footwear from the 1890s to choose what would look best on the sculpture.

It was difficult to find good information and decent pictures online or at the library so to get a good look at actual 1890s footwear I went to Angels Costume in London. You may have heard of Angels Costume as they recently won a BAFTA for outstanding British contribution to cinema, and at 175 years old they are the world's longest-established and largest professional costume house. At Angels Costume I was able to look at a whole shelf of boots from the 1890s so I could choose a pair I liked and take pictures to use as reference.

I've been busy bulking out and sculpting the detail of the shoes on the sculpture, using my excellent new reference pictures. As shoes weren't commonly worn in the 1890s the figure will be wearing small boots.

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