For me, one of the trickiest parts of the sculpture is the hands. If you look closely at your own hands you can see that there are many different shapes working together to make the whole of the hand, which vary significantly depending on the position of the hands. For example if you look at an arm this is a fairly simple cylinder shape, while your hand is made up of five, jointed fingers which are multiple cylinders at different angles. There are a lot of subtleties to get right and if you get one part wrong it can throw off the whole look of the hand.

To help get this part of the sculpture right, as well as spending a lot of time looking at my own hands, I have designed the armature so the hands are removable. This helps by allowing me to look at the hands from lots of different angles, and it is also easier to sculpt than if it was fixed on the main body where I could only access it from a couple of directions. The head of the sculpture is also set up in a similar way so that it can be removed. This helps to view it from many different angles and makes it much easier to sculpt than if it was fixed on the body.

I cover these loose parts of the body in plastic bags to ensure that they don't dry out and the clay is the right consistency to continue sculpting each day. Its important that the whole sculpture is well wrapped so that it doesn't dry out, but particularly important for the hands because they are thinner and can dry out quicker. Luckily (?) because I am sculpting in a cold studio during the winter, the sculpture isn't drying out too quickly!

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