Even though the clay sculpture is now completed there are many more processes that follow to create the final piece out of bronze, the next stage is to create a mould of the sculpture.

The mould is created out of silicon which is painted directly onto the clay in several layers. Once it is firm it is covered in a fibreglass jacket to hold the silicon in place. The mould is made out of a many different sections so it can easily be taken apart and then put back together at the foundry.

A mould of the sculpture is needed so that a cast can be made out of wax for the foundry to use to create the bronze statue. Its important that a good mould is made so this process is straightforward.

Creating the mould is quite technical so I have enlisted the help of Liz Turner, who has done a fantastic job creating the mould, allowing me to take a bit of a backseat as her assistant. Now that the mould has been successfully made and sent to the Morris Singer foundry the clay sculpture has done its part and can later be destroyed


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