Most of the remaining work on the H.G. Wells statue is now in the capable hands of the Morris Singer foundary so I have been spending the last few months working on other projects. For H.G. Wells the next stage in his creation is to produce a wax cast.

The silicon mould is carefully painted with a special casting wax which is slowly layered on to produce a cast of the sculpture. The wax is layered up until it reaches the desired thickness of the bronze, as the sculpture will not be a solid lump of bronze because this would be far too heavy, expensive and actually weaker than a hollow structure.

The wax is delicately applied to avoid any air bubbles or lumps and to ensure it captures all the fine detail in the sculpture. This stage is also an opportunity for me to do any final refinements and finishing touches to the sculpture before it is covered in a ceramic shell and cast in bronze.

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