With less than six weeks until the unveiling we are now at the very final stages of creating the H.G. Wells statue. This is the exciting part after all the many stages of sculpting, moulding, wax casting and clean up, when the statue is finally cast into bronze.

First following the "lost-wax process" the ceramic moulds of the wax cast are heated in a high pressure heated oven. This process causes the wax to melt out of the cast, leaving the impression of the sculpture in the hard ceramic shell, ready to receive the molten bronze.

Heated to around 1200 celcius the molten bronze is taken out of the furnace ready to be poured. The molten metal is stirred and quickly and carefully poured into the ceramic shells.

Supported within sand filled containers the ceramic shells are left to cool for several hours, then the shells can be smashed open to release the solid bronze.

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